On-line/off-line DC/AC inverter with galvanic isolation and PWM technology


SENA series has a complete range of high performance inverters developed in PWM technology with pure sinusoidal wave quality. Its microprocessor system allows the control and supervision of all the functions of the inverters with an ease of operation and showing the different statuses through its frontal synoptic.



DC/AC inverter
19” rack size
High efficiency, PWM technology
Galvanic isolation
Luminous and acoustic signalling/ display
On-line/off-line operation
RS232 + monitoring software
Electronic protections and overloads supporting capacity
Output wave: pure sinusoidal
Wide input range
Integrated by-pass
SNMP card (opcional)
DC voltage: 48 V/120 V









Advantages of the product

  • Galvanic isolation and PWM technology
  • LCD screen (high voltage models)
  • Integrated By-pass
  • EMI filters
  • Magnetothermic protection
  • Compact size